P O I Z O N- Buy & Sell Authentic Sneakers and Streetwear Shoes Over 30,000 items from 150 brands are available for selling, featuring highly coveted silhouettes from N I K E, A I R J O R D A N, etc. The shoes category is the most popular category on P O I Z O N. Apparel Covers streetwear brands like Supreme, Champion, T H E N O R T H F A C E, etc., and luxury brands like G U C C I, B U R B E R R Y, etc. We witnessed an increasing demand for apparel category on P O I Z O N. Bags & Watches Over 200 brands including C O A C H, I S S E Y M I Y A K E, C A S I O, with more than 20,000 pro


POIZON-Buy & Sell Authentic Sneakers and Streetwear

POIZON is a leading online fashion marketplace for authentic sneakers, apparel, bags, watches and accessories of designer labels and luxury brands, offering diverse and sophisticated fashion choices to young consumers acros